• Emily Malone

5 things we like about Salesforce Lightning (and 5 things we don’t)

Salesforce Lightning has been around for a while now, and so far loads of people have had a dabble and decided it’s not quite a full cup of tea yet.

Maybe this decision was made under an educational assumption, or maybe it involved a long period of trial and error. Whatever the reason, there’s no escaping some of the nifty features it offers. To give you a bit of a more rounded view, we’ve listed our top 5 likes and dislikes.


The Opportunity Kanban feature is specific to LEX and allows users to see a list of opportunities selected according to their stage in the sales cycle. It’ll also give totals per stage, useful information and a flag to show when there are outstanding events on each. Not only this, but it can allow you to drag and drop opportunities to change the stage in a way that makes us admins go ‘ooooooooh’. However, it does grant your users the potential to avoid key sales process steps…

Customisable record pages

We finally have much more flexibility over the record pages. Now, we’re able to display related lists alongside (rather than below) the details, add additional tabs and generally change the entire user experience of accessing data.


The new dashboard editor is pretty cool. We’re no longer restricted to 1, 2 or 3 fixed columns, but are free to use a chart-by-chart customisation we’ve never had before. This also increases and decreases its size based on the screen used to view it, so no more whitespace!

Home Page Customisation

Okay, so this isn’t technically new, but we can do a hell of a lot more with it now! The new ability to change the layout, have items showing side by side and choose individual report charts to display on the homepage is really handy.

Related List enhancements

We love the way related lists have become more interactive, with the ability to display a chart, the filter criteria and adjust the column widths.

There are a few bits we don’t like though, but we’re hopeful these will get resolved in the next release.

Here are our top 5 gear-grinders:

Random errors

We were hoping to have a picture of these, but they are very, well, random. As far as we can tell, they don’t actually refer to an issue, they just pop up in a Joey Tribbiani ‘how you doin’?’ fashion. A quick page refresh sorts them out though.


We’re sure there’s a good reason why Quotes aren’t yet supported, but needless to say, it’s really frustrating to only have half of the sales process Lightning-ready.

Custom Javascript Buttons

These help us perform on click field validation (even on related records) to display pop-up error messages and field updates in some situations.

Setup Menu

This is more for the admins who hate inconsistencies. The new design of the setup menu is pretty cool (it’ll take a while to get used to), but when actually viewing pages, like the profile editor, it displays in the SF classic view. That’s kind of irritating.

Email templates

This will be a marmite-esque love/hate situation depending on the org’, but we’re not that fond! The ability for anyone with the ‘send mail’ permission to create an email template (which is then also free for all to use) just seems a little too risky to us.