• Emily Malone

5 free tools your marketing team will love

The days of the three amigos (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) are behind us — today, your marketing team requires a little more when it comes to the software they use. Here’s a list of the five free tools I mainly use on a daily basis to capture leads, source contacts and companies, carry out email marketing, and generally organise my working week.

1) HubSpot

The modern marketers Swiss Army knife, HubSpot is an all encompassing CRM platform, marketing automation multi-tool and content management system. The list of features which HubSpot possesses is endless, some of our blog posts on some of the features in depth are here, here, here and here. For us – HubSpot increased our website traffic by 240% and increased our leads 5x times. Here is a video of our CEO David talking about how much we rate HubSpot.

The free part of HubSpot is the CRM software, which allows you to easily store contact information and track deals through the Marketing and Sales process. But HubSpot really comes to life with it’s paid features. If you are interested in buying HubSpot, give us a call first and we’ll help you with onboarding — we’re a gold HubSpot partner.

Website: https://www.hubspot.com/


Hunter is great, in a nutshell it help you to find email addresses of individuals within companies. A priceless tool when creating a recipient list for a marketing campaign. The easiest way to make use of Hunter is to download the chrome extension. Once you have this installed you will have a Hunter button included on Linkedin profiles. Just click the button and Hunter will find the most likely email address for this person.

Website: https://hunter.io/


This tool enables you to take a look at a companies information whilst browsing their website, download the chrome extension and let Datanyze source all of a companies main details, including revenue, employees, alexa rank, contact details and social media pages. Datanyze will also give you a rundown of the companies technographics (what softwares they use) on their website. All of this is included in the free version and free chrome extension tool.

Website: https://www.datanyze.com/


4) Trello

A great project management collaboration tool to bring your team together to share ideas, ensure that all tasks are being covered and assign tasks to team members. With Trello’s free plan you can create unlimited ‘boards’ for your team to collaborate on together.

Organising the logistics of a project has never been easier than with Trello, intelligently simple, easy to use, it just feels like a good pair of jeans.

Website: https://trello.com/


5) Slack

The instant messaging platform for the workplace. An ideal tool for quickly sharing content with colleagues, asking questions or informing colleagues of company news (or hilarious random GIFs using built-in giphy, whatever.) Slack allows you to share files and code snippets, as well as make calls between two team members (paid plans can group call also).

You can also add chat bots to speak to, a really great one for marketers is Growthbot, this helpful e-guy can answer your questions relating to markeing, sales and growth. Slack has a scary amount of apps which can be built in, check out the full directory here.

Website: https://slack.com


So there we have it — five of the best free sales and marketing tools out there to improve your working life. If you’re looking to streamline your marketing and sales teams give us a call for a free audit and consultation. You can book a call with myself at the button below!