• Emily Malone

5 dead good Halloween marketing campaigns

It’s that time of year again! October arrives and brands dive straight into marketing their products and services for Halloween. Now, I’ve seen a lot of people grumbling about Halloween campaigns this year, but I personally can’t see why. It’s fun to create something a little different for your audience, and it gives you a chance to showcase your brand’s more playful side! Here are some of the best ones I’ve seen today.

1. Hootsuite: Social media doesn’t have to be scary

Hootsuite’s whole shtick is making the management of multiple social media platforms much easier to do for businesses. So, the marketing team at Hootsuite combined that with some classic horror movies to produce these brilliantly clever images. My personal favourite is the Alfred Hitchcock Twitter birds. Although, American Psycho on LinkedIn comes pretty close!




2. Clothing brands giving us all treats, no tricks

The best thing about these is they clearly know who they’re talking to with their marketing. Nasty Gal’s tone of voice is kind of sassy, mirroring the aesthetic of the kind of clothes for ‘nasty gals’ they’re renowned to sell. And Monki uses a quote from Mean Girls, which is probably one of the most popular films of the early-naughties that Millenials are bound to remember.

Nasty Gal

Another I had to mention here is sunglasses brand, Hawker’s. They created a Tarot card game on their website to add a fun spin to their sale. All you’ve got to do is pick a card to have your fortune read, and you’ll recieve up to 70% off your order. Pretty cool, right?


3. San Francisco’s boo at the zoo

This is just SO CUTE that I had to include it. San Francisco zoo have advertised their ‘Boo at the zoo’ Halloween night by putting torch lights under the little fuzzy chins of their animals — just like you’d do if you were ’round a campfire telling scary stories. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of zoos — but just look at this spooky Koala bear!


4. Burger King’s ghost of McDonalds

Ahh, Burger King. Ever grabbing that opportunity to bash on their rivals. So to stir the pot even more, a Burger King store in Queens, New York, dressed up as the ghost of McDonalds.



Not only that, but Burger King UK also created this Stranger Things-reminiscent advert which uses its’ competition’s mascot to, I suspect, not only play on the success of Stephen King’s It movie, but also invite viewers to switch fast food teams. Genius.

5. Salesforce’s ‘Trick or Trailhead’

Each year, Trailhead releases fun spooky-themed badges you can earn for your Trailblazer profile over the Halloween period. And this year, it’s no different!

All you’ll need to do is complete any Trailhead module, project, or superbadge between October 28th and November 2nd. Once completed, the Trick or Trailhead IV badge will appear on your Trailblazer profile.


The trick (or should I say, treat?) with Halloween marketing is that it’s such a playful holiday, so you don’t have to be scared of getting a little more creative with it. After all, that’s what gets people talking and sharing! Have you seen any spooky marketing campaigns today that impressed you? Share them with us below! We’d love to see them.