• Emily Malone

3 original lead-generating ideas for you to steal

Ebooks, whitepapers, videos, how-to guides; these are all great ways to attract prospects to your website to convert into leads. But sometimes you need that extra kick of creativity in order to really entice new leads to your business.

So, here are three lead-generating ideas fresh from my brain for you to steal, if you like!

1. Geocaching for outdoors companies.

Geocaching is a website and app for treasure hunters worldwide. Participants hunt for objects using clues and maps featured on the app. Once a ‘cache’ has been found, there’s often a notebook for the finder(s) to leave a signature and date. There may also be items (usually inside Tupperware) which the participant can take, and sometimes it’s encouraged that they leave a small item in its place for the next lucky finder.

A business could use geocaching to leave free promotional merchandise, with a link to their website to retrieve a further free gift. The great thing about using this niche lead-gen technique for outdoors companies, is they know the person who’s gone to the effort to find the ‘cache’ must love the outdoors! So they’re already an ideal customer.

2. All day live video foosball game for Sports Equipment company.

This might require a little more planning before implementation. On a standard foosball table, each team has 10 outfield players. The idea of this lead-generation tool is to get 20 sponsors from sports teams — one for each player. Whichever sports team’s player scores the most goals will have a charity donation made in the name of the sports equipment company and team, to a charity of their choosing.

This is great PR for the sports team, the cost of the campaign goes to a charity, and a strong relationship is made in the meantime. By streaming the match live throughout the working day also means that the sports team’s office staff and fans can tune-in to check on the score whenever they like. IT should help bring in a strong social media audience.

3. QR Code cakes for catering companies.

Make a list of targeted companies in your local area who you’d like to gain as customers. Then, make some delicious cakes and print QR codes in icing onto the cakes. You could have these QR codes link to a form to capture some information, and in exchange, give your target customer a free coupon or special discount. The chances are that the QR code will get scanned because once the prospect has eaten the cake, they won’t be able to! Humans are generally curious beings.

If you do decide to use one of these ideas, or if they inspire you to do something similar, please let us know! We’d love to hear feedback about how they went down.

Or, if you’d like to have a chat about how to best improve your lead-generation numbers, just book in for a chat with myself via the button below!


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