• Emily Malone

13 ways to describe inbound marketing to anybody

1. Owning a puppy The first six months require lots of hard work, planning, routine and dedication. But the benefits afterwards far outweigh the hard work put in to begin with. As an example, when we set up HubSpot for our own inbound marketing strategy a few years ago, it took us at least six months to really start seeing results.

2. Training for a marathon That first mile is the hardest, the performance you’re looking for won’t come immediately, but the payoff is huge.

3. A watering holeBut not just any watering hole — a content watering hole. Your visitors will come from all around to sample the sweet question-clenching info that your content provides. 

4. The World Cup Like participating in The World Cup, preperation is key, having the right team on board is essential, and small wins during the initial stages will push you onwards. It’s all about beating the competition and being the very best.

5. A cartoon mouse trap Your content is the cheese that attracts what (or who) you want to help. But instead of trapping your visitors (c’mon, you’ve seen Tom and Jerry; they’re far too clever for that!), you have a form to capture more information about your leads, so you can help and nurture them.

6. Brewing beer You have a good idea of what you want to achieve and what success tastes like. The first results won’t be perfect, but the great thing is that you can adjust your methods until you have perfected the results.

7. A roast dinner If you went round to a family member’s house on Sunday and they loaded up your plate with just beef, you’d probably look at them like this:

8. Online dating profiles You need to
make sure that the information you provide is attractive, exciting and makes the reader want to learn more. Clear instructi
ns of how to contact you are also key.

9. Hunting Hunting requires two things; skill and tools. You can have all the gear and no idea, or you can have all the skills but nothing to hunt with. Inbound marketing is the same — HubSpot provides all of the tools, and your marketing team, or an agency like oe:gen, can provide all of the skills. 

10. Looking after your car From time to time, you’ll have to change the parts, and it’s recommended you have a check up every year. Plus, if you want to get a good return on the price you pay, it’s important to keep it in ship-shape. Inbound marketing is similar — little improvements and tweaks here and there will keep your marketing strategy on-course, at full-speed.

11. Fishing Like fishing, you have to be really patient with inbound marketing at first. But soon the bites will come flooding in, especially with good bait (content). As an extra bonus, you can even camp out and have a beer while your marketing results come in, if you really want to.

12. A Venus Fly TrapJust like the Venus Fly Trap, inbound marketing is a carnivourous plant native to subtropical wetlands… erm, what I meant to say was that like a Venus Fly Trap, the end goal of inbound marketing is to snap up leads. Tenuous? Okay, let’s try one more…

13. ‘Project Zeus’ For those familiar with Peep Show, this one doesn’t even need explaining. For those who aren’t, the rhetorical question behind ‘Project Zeus’ is – “Why can’t marketing be an arm of sales?“. Well, that’s the whole premise of inbound marketing — feeding Sales more leads to close. Simples. If you want to know how inbound marketing can help your business, schedule a call with me today! You can find my calendar here.