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Success story

Misys Salesforce Community customer portal

Misys provides financial services software for banks and lenders. They were serving their existing customers with one of the world’s largest Salesforce portals and, while there had been a few different versions of this over the years, they were still relying on core, out-of-the-box functionality.

How we helped Misys

They wanted to introduce "Knowledge" to the customer portal. Knowledge is a way to publish useful articles and frequently asked questions, not only giving customers ultimate support, but also a very different view of the data from the admin/internal view.


What was delivered?

We reviewed the new elements that needed to be added to the customer portal and created VisualForce pages. Using CSS, we styled dropdowns to be as close as possible to the new corporate brand identity.

Misys hadn’t ever considered the user experience (UX), so we worked with them to help them see the various reasons customers would be coming to the portal and what they wanted to do.

The result?

Misys were looking to reduce customer call backs and case logging by 8%, and the reaction from customers so far has been extremely favourable. The enhanced search facilities and much friendlier UX means they should reach their target well ahead of schedule.

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