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Success story

MidlandHR - Salesforce Communities

MidlandHR is a leading provider of software and service solutions for talent management, HR and payroll.

How we helped MidlandHR

They'd been working with a Salesforce partner and were ready to launch a new customer community. Unfortunately inconsistencies in the navigation, site structure, iconography and corporate branding all made for a rather disjointed user experience – something we made it our priority to fix.



What was delivered?

Working in sprints, we aligned the CSS and Visualforce pages with a global template to make all the headers and footers consistent.

Next, we created personalised home and landing pages to give each visitor insights into the number of open cases, recent cases and statistics relating to their specific products and services. We also used Google Charts within the Visualforce pages to bring the statistics to life.

The result?

Feedback has been so positive that MidlandHR now has a rolling service-level agreement with us, meaning they can continually improve the experience for their customers.

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