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Success story

Maple Sunscreening

Maple Sunscreening Ltd provide architectural façades including brise soleil, louvres, architectural panels, walkways, commercial blinds, and performance curtains for Architects and Contractors.

They needed to increase their brand awareness and start creating more content for their target audience. Plus, their existing website wasn't easy to edit for their team, so became a little out of date. The design needed some work to show off their products, and they weren't targeting their two target personas as well as they wanted to.

Maple wanted to start getting serious about their inbound marketing efforts. They planned to offer more tailored content for their two buyer personas, and to be able to easily edit their new website so it doesn't become a chore to update.

The challenge

We needed to delve into their buyer personas to work out what kind of content they'd each want to be presented with when visiting the website.

Contractors want to know what Maple do and if they can meet the specifications of their project. Their main concern would be: 'are Maple a professional business that can meet deadlines?' This audience looks for reassurance that Maple have completed similar projects to good quality and service standards.

Architects look for inspiration. These guys want to see the projects Maple have previously delivered which are particularly aesthetically pleasing or interesting. They want suppliers who can translate their ideas into fabricated and manufactured products, and are more likely to interact with and view Maple's project images and content.

The challenge was to design a website which accommodates both of these different buyer personas in a simple way.

The solution

The new website was designed with inbound marketing in mind and built on the HubSpot CMS. To make sure it resonates with both buyer personas, we created pages built with contractors in mind, and pages built with architects in mind. The home page banner provides a split off point — two CTAs which lead to pages dedicated to suit each persona. Contractors had their own 'home' page filled with relavent content and CTAs, and Architects had theirs.maple

We designed the page templates internally to make sure editing each page is as simple as can be. This way, Maple can go into the CMS and make edits easily, avoiding any out-of-date pages in the future.

For the design, Maple had an impressive library of photographs already, which was really great for us. We wanted to really showcase these gorgeous buildings.

maple 2

Maple also had a showcase brochure to offer as an initial content download. This is a starting point to build their inbound marketing strategy and create new, more helpful content to attract their buyer personas. mapleTOF

They wanted to increase the frequency of high quality content too, so we used HubSpot's blog functionality to help them easily showcase any news and insights about their industry and projects.


The result

The site went live in December, and although it's still early days, the months since have been record-breaking months for visitors. Maple have also said that they receive daily leads through, whereas before the website wasn't generating any.

oe:gen have good technical expertise to find a solution that meets the requirements. I also appreciated how accommodating the team were in changing elements of the project if I wasn't entirely satisfied. This made it easy to deal with, which is an important attribute.

— David Carroll, Maple Suncreening


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