Molson Coors Salesforce customer portal

Molson Coors use the Salesforce Partner Portal to work with their distributors, managing product ordering and point-of-sale and marketing materials.

What they wanted


Molson Coors' IT team had configured the Partner Portal out of the box, but needed design and CSS support to customise the portal for each of their key brands.

How we helped

We worked with Molson Coors’ brand agencies in the US to learn their key brand messages and pick up on the imagery being used for their campaigns.

Salesforce gives users basic customisation options like fonts and colours in the portal setup area, but Molson Coors needed to go a step further and match the look of the portals to their corresponding brand sites. To give them the design capabilities they needed, we added our own CSS files, and we also took care to make sure the portals were compatible with all common browsers.


The result?


As the portal contains confidential information, we can’t give you a live demonstration of how it looks and works. However, we do have a duplicate in our development environment, so contact us if you’d like a peek!


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