LIVES Pardot templates

LIVES are a brilliant Lincolnshire charity that provide a vital life-saving service, supporting hundreds of highly trained, dedicated volunteers who get to their neighbours fast to deliver care in those first critical moments of a medical emergency before handing over to the ambulance service.

What they wanted


To amp up their marketing communications, LIVES worked with another Salesforce partner to implement Pardot, but felt the out-of-the box templates offered for emails and landing pages were too generic and didn’t really reflect their brand. Not only did LIVES want their templates to represent their brand, but they also wanted them to be intuitive and flexible enough to use without needing any snazzy technical skills.

They approached a number of Salesforce consultancies and design agencies in the UK to help them get the most out of Pardot, but found there was one consistent problem - the Salesforce consultancies they approached didn’t have any design experience to create these branded email and landing page templates for them, and the design agencies didn’t have any Pardot experience to work with the system.

This meant that oe:gen were uniquely-placed to help.

How we helped

This is a combination of design and technical ability that we’ve applied to our own, as well as many of our customers' Pardot systems, so the only real challenge presented to us was quickly understanding the LIVES brand so we could do them justice when creating their templates. Our Lead Designer worked closely with LIVES to create several email templates, a landing page, and a branded preference centre.

Here are the kind of questions we asked them:

  • Who is your End User?

  • What pain points do you need to solve?

  • What kind of personality does the company have?

  • How do you want to make your clients/users feel?

  • How are you different?

  • Why do your clients/end users trust you?

  • What's your story?

We had an initial chat to get to know them, their end users and the personas they're targeting. LIVES had a comprehensive pdf of their brand guidelines to work from and supplied images, icons and logos to use for concept work, which helped us get familiar with their use of colours, fonts, and the like.

From there, we had weekly catch up phone meetings so our Lead Designer could present concepts for feedback from a technical look-and-feel perspective. These calls were also a great chance for LIVES to get answers to any questions they were having about the project.


The result?


LIVES now have email templates, a landing page and preference centre that reflect their strong branding, and the flexibility of these templates means they're now able to work totally independently with future marketing campaigns.

"LIVES recently invested in Pardot to support our marketing communication needs and help us make better use of the data we are collecting in Salesforce. After going through the technical set-up we realised that we still needed help with some other elements of the Pardot set-up. I tasked the team at oe:gen with creating some bespoke email and layout templates to help us transition over to Pardot. Mark and Colin have been great to work with, keeping me fully informed at all stages. The end result has exceeded my expectations. We now have multiple professional-looking, branded email templates that can be easily edited by other members of the team who lack email marketing experience. The layout templates Colin has produced are exactly what we were looking for. We can’t wait to start using them! This work has been instrumental in LIVES’ ability to start using Pardot to its full potential."

Sarah Lane, Marketing Manager - LIVES'


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