Jewellery company Salesforce Community, Sales Cloud, and Pardot

Our client is a wholesale fine jewellery company that specialises in the Bridal market, including wedding bands and engagement rings. They mainly service retailers based in the UK, but have recently opened an office in Belgium so they can service the European market.

What they wanted


These guys have a strong brick-and-mortar presence with three branches in the UK, multiple sales agents on the road, and over 1000 active customers — but they didn’t have a website when they approached us.

Beforehand, their customers had no access to information during the weekends or bank holidays, their service wasn't as efficient as it could be for both them and their customers, and they were unable to scale across countries.

They came to us with the twin goals of improving efficiency and productivity while increasing sales by allowing customers to check and order stock themselves for immediate delivery, 24/7.

This is why they asked us to build a wholesale website that will act as a ‘hub’ for their customers to check prices, view, reserve, and order stock online.

They also had a manual process for managing customer applications, so it was difficult to process and find documents when they needed to. They wanted us to make it easier to find, process, and manage these things within the back end of Salesforce.

Plus, to make sure they’re being GDPR-compliant while sending out marketing emails, they also asked us to set up and train them on using Pardot for their marketing campaigns.

How we helped

Before this client decided to seek help from us, they were hiring more and more team members to keep up with the rising number of phone calls, emails and face-to-face enquiries they receive from their customers.

To help, we:

  • Designed and developed a public website

  • Created a Community ‘Hub’ for their retailers

  • Sorted out all their Salesforce back-end processes to manage both incoming reservations from the Hub and customer applications from the website

  • Set them up with Pardot and provided training for all their marketing automation needs

  • Oh, and as part of the User Experience, we even helped them with the right copy for each of these products!

Of course, this didn’t come without challenges.  As our client has a high volume of products and product-related data, we needed to query and process them each time a user searches for stock in the Community. To make sure we gave users the best experience, we:

  • Displayed a loading spinner over the entire search component, so that the user isn't wondering if the search is being processed or not

  • Used client-side caching of search results, so that if a user performed the same search more than once in a session, they’d see results instantly

  • Employed some clever techniques in Apex to keep product tables fresh and ready to be queried by users

  • Made sure our design team and copywriter worked closely together, so the Hub is easy to navigate and in tone with their friendly, helpful and professional brand.

The entire Community also needed to be multilingual. To achieve this, we used:

  • Community builder design attributes and Custom Labels to store simple pieces of unformatted text

  • Knowledge Articles, where longer, richly-formatted text needed to be displayed.

Another key requirement of the Community was to allow their retailers to re-brand it with their own logo and colour theme. We delivered this by:

  • Using the out-of-the-box “Branding Sets” feature to create custom colour themes

  • Creating a custom “theme selection” Lightning Component, which we positioned on a “Hub settings” page, allowing the user to upload their logo and change their colour theme

  • Displaying another custom Lightning Component on the home page and in the “Hub settings” page, allowing the user to switch between their custom theme and the Client’s standard theme.


The result?


We're proud to say that we helped our client achieve both of their goals while giving them a competitive advantage across the global market!

The Hub allowed their team to focus on high value-add activities, such as meeting with retailers to better understand their needs and desires, rather than checking stock levels on behalf of customers, price quotations, or putting orders through. It’s also helped them increase sales outside of working hours and in Europe, where their sales reps currently don't visit.

As for the Pardot service, they’re now able to easily send marketing emails that comply with GDPR.

A key metric to measure the success of this project is the number of online reservations that are coming in. These would have been phone calls, email, and face-to-face reservations which would have to be serviced by the client's team.

Online sales is a more subjective measure, as these could have occurred with or without the solution. In other words, it’s not easy to isolate the sales between online and offline and attribute them solely to the success of the Hub. However – having these online stock reservations is reducing the numerous phone calls, emails and face-to-face enquiries they receive from customers every day.

The new customer application process has helped significantly reduce the account processing time from two weeks to just a few days! And signed contracts can now be easily retrieved with only a few mouse-clicks.

Their first project was the Hub which went live in December 2018, and the client has now provided 20-30 retailers with access to it.

These guys have now continued to work with us, and in May 2019 we see the release of some new features within the Hub.  This includes improvements to their Stock Search feature, a new landing page, an ‘Eternity Ring Finder’ feature, an online catalogue, ability to switch themes, and a splash page to tell users about exciting new features or to promote offers.

Currently, this client has 1300 active B2B customers, and their goal is eventually having all these customers logging in to use the ‘Hub’. They're going to stick with us to continue their product development of the Hub with more features to help their business grow. We can't wait to see what's next for them!

"The oe:gen team is practical, professional and knowledgeable — an absolute joy to work with. The product was delivered on time, on budget and EXACTLY as scoped. The project scoping process is very thorough and enjoyable. It is both a creative and destructive process: The creation of sound, practical solutions and the destruction of ambiguous, unrealistic deliverables. Best-in-class by far."


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