Fourteen IP Field Service Lightning [FSL]

Fourteen IP is a leading telecommunications service provider dedicated to the hospitality industry, known for being customer-focused and innovative. Fourteen IP provide fully managed Hospitality telephony services, Wired and Wireless networking and other products and services to hotels across North America and EMEA

What they wanted


Fourteen IP was a Salesforce customer using a third party-developed Managed Package which hooked into their existing org. This is not unusual, as Salesforce is able to happily integrate with a lot of third-party systems.

Using this Managed Package meant they were tweaking and tailoring their processes to match the system, rather than the other way around. The domino effect of that meant it was a challenge to manage mobile engineers for field work, as your systems dictate how you work.

Fourteen IP no longer wanted to compromise on processes hindered by the existing Managed Package. What they needed was a transition to Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning (FSL), which is where oe:gen came into the picture.

How we helped

Fourteen IP chose to work with oe:gen based, not only for our experience with implementing FSL, but also the energy our team demonstrated in each stage of the selection process. “You have to be honest about your abilities and want to work with us, as we move with pace through the changing landscape of business in the new Normal”.

We transitioned Fourteen IP to Field Service Lightning remotely in just three sprints.

This was a very agile, fast-paced process to meet Fourteen IP’s usual necessity of satisfying their customer needs, requiring full attention from them as well as ourselves.

First, we gathered Fourteen IP’s requirements and immediately started building. Then we looked back, made tweaks and changes and built again. The three sprints went a little something like this: scope and deliver; scope, tweak and deliver; scope tweak and deliver.

The main challenge of this project was needing to respect legacy data and processes, whilst shifting everything into a new way of working. We had to pull out all the stops, stay right on top of the solution and work hard and fast to help achieve the goal.


The result?


FSL will now allow Fourteen IP to:

  • Implement better ways of working

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Gives the ability to change processes,  rather than being locked into legacy ways of working

  • Gives the ability to easily customise the end solution in the future to support business changes further down the line.

The project was delivered on-time and under-budget. The folks at Fourteen IP are happy with the outcome and said they were glad they chose our team to help them future-proof their processes.


“It was a pleasure working with oe:gen [on this project] and we're delighted to refer business when we have real trust in a partner, like yourselves.”

John Clancy - Regional Sales Director,  Salesforce

“A huge thank you to all the team…

I will not pretend it has been an easy transition, despite you all making it look so.

Through tenacity and a willingness to work hard and work together you have overcome all the issues.”

Stephen Elliott – Chief Financial Officer, Fourteen IP


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