FE Invest Salesforce Customer Community

FE is the UK’s leading investment ratings and research agency, delivering this information through a number of different software platforms.

What they wanted


FE is an existing customer of ours, after approaching us a few years ago to be their Salesforce implementation partner and to create their website for them. So, when they decided they wanted to trial a portal, they came to us so we could build a Salesforce Customer Community that ties in with their existing Salesforce org.

How we helped

FE wanted to really engage with people who already use their FE Invest product by creating a portal that contained knowledge articles about the product and also a calendar of specific events. They wanted the community to be password protected so they could measure who was logging in to engage with the content, and how often they were visiting.

Since the project was initially a proof-of-concept, the main challenge we faced was the budget! Understandably, FE didn't want to invest a lot of money in a platform they weren't entirely sure people would use.

To keep costs down, we opted to design and build a bespoke Visualforce Community with pages tailored to FE's needs. To keep things lean we produced visual designs of what the final solution would look like in advance of writing any code, and worked closely with the marketing team at every stage. We also had weekly calls to maximise the visibility of the build and to ensure collaboration.


The result?


To date, there are 165 people who are active users of the community to find out information about products and relevant events — a number which FE are very happy with.

FE have requested a couple of small tweaks since going live, which we've been more than happy to make as part of their ongoing support with us. However, the Community was created with flexibility and ease of self-administration in mind, and so the number of requests for support has actually been pretty minimal!


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