Chance to Shine

Chance to Shine are a NFP client who exist to keep cricket alive in UK state schools. They teach young people important life skills, giving them the opportunity to play and learn through sport.

What they wanted


To spread the love of cricket around UK schools, Chance to Shine asked us to create an online space where they can share and distribute learning materials, and coaches can engage with teachers. This is so they can extend their reach further than ever before! Rather than having to travel around to UK schools to spread the word, they wanted a smart, online space where they can remotely help teachers get more kids involved.

How we helped

We met up with the lovely management team over at Chance to Shine and discussed their options with them. This is where they explained that currently, coaches travel up and down the country to visit the schools and get young people involved with cricket. But in an effort to increase the reach of Chance to Shine, they decided they needed an online Community for teachers to securely log in, digest and collaborate with the information they need to teach children cricket within the schooling environment. This means they'll be using the teachers at each school remotely to spread the love of this sport. We were approached because of our specialism in building lightning fast, branded Salesforce Communities, and that's exactly what was delivered.


The result?


The result was a fully branded Lightning Community using custom components and Lightning Bolt, which is helping to drive efficiency, increase reach, and provide a platform for lesson plans and educational content. It's so easy to use and is definitely one of our prettiest Communities do date. It's safe to say that we're proud of this one!


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