Bee Midtown Lightning Transition

The folks of Bee Midtown volunteer, collaborate and innovate to bring businesses and communities together to share resources, live ethically and save costs. They have a range of services, events and projects to push social change on the streets of Holborn, Bloomsbury, St. Giles, Farringdon and Clerkwell in London, and their mission is to bring these streets of Midtown together to drive sustainable, commercial and social growth.

What they wanted


Bee Midtown wanted to get their sales team more engaged with the Salesforce platform, so this was a user-engagement piece at its core. Before they approached us, they were wanting to do this internally but didn't have the skills or time to do so in-house.

Their two main goals were to get the most out of the Salesforce platform and to track activities, such as who spoke to whom, when they spoke to them, and what they spoke about. The latter being particularly important as all of their Sales team members work remotely.

How we helped

The first step was to transition them over to Lightning. Because Bee Midtown was using Salesforce Classic, their users were actually missing out on new and improved features three times a year, every year. This meant they weren't using all the amazing benefits Salesforce has to offer.

So, we ran a Lightning-readiness check to identified all the features they needed and any issues we might come across in the code. This helped us make sure their org was in its best condition to be transitioned to Lightning. We then identified some consultancy days to be used to enable the Lightning transition and tidy up their layouts and user interface.


The result?


The new sales team are engaged in using the platform, which gives them much better knowledge leading up to the new bid in 2020. Plus, all the sales activities are now tracked, which is perfect to keep everyone up-to-date with important information, even when they're working remotely.


From Classic to Lightning

Grab this guide to learn how to transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience (without the headache).