Avecto Salesforce Partner Community

Our friends at Avecto provide end-point security software and were looking for a way for their partners to log in and register, and for their sales and marketing team to be able to manage leads.

What they wanted


Avecto were looking for a way for their partners to log in and register to an online space where they can collaborate, have all the right information in one place, and where their sales and marketing team can manage their leads.

The thing is, they wanted to allow their partners to interact and touch on a lot more data than a lot of other companies do, so it was really important for us to keep the solution as simple and uncluttered as possible.

How we helped

We decided to build Avecto a Salesforce Community, as this will allow their users to manage their lead and opportunity lifecycles with ease. Plus with authentication, their users can also access a list of product downloads to help them work more efficiently.

We kept the design very simple, presenting all the data in a clean, uncluttered way right from the homepage. Throughout the site, we also used in-line pages rather than new tabs or windows – a feature that’s been very popular with users.

Visualforce styling means the Knowledge area of the site is seamlessly integrated with data categories and tagging. These are then displayed on separate pages with sub-tabs, giving lots of flexibility.


The result?


Avecto's been really impressed with the changes. Feedback includes:

"The interface is much cleaner and easier to navigate!
Interface is more user friendly.
Great site. I really appreciated the additional learning options. I spent 30-60 minutes yesterday going through new articles that I hadn't read. I wouldn't call that fun, but it kept my attention for much longer than I had expected. I also liked the video capabilities."

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