Amnet Salesforce CRM

Amnet are experts in the programmatic sector for the global digital performance group, Dentsu Aegis Network. They specialise in programmatic buying, planning, analysis and the activation of audience data.

What they wanted


Amnet wanted to start using Salesforce to configure their accounts and opportunities to make them work more intelligently with their sales process. They needed the ability to create a standard set of tasks and have them assigned automatically to the right user. This is so they could track the opportunity throughout its lifecycle and have those involved updated with its daily activity.

On top of that, Amnet needed the ability to track an account’s forecasted revenue against its actual revenue and set targets. All of this needed to be based on Quarterly amounts, and a total annual roll up. Once that was achieved, they needed to have these metrics roll up through the account hierarchy to total any child accounts figures, as well as its own opportunity figures.

How we helped

Before we helped Amnet introduce and configure Salesforce they were doing a lot of duplication in their forecasting by creating different types of opportunities to capture the forecast and track actual values. The account hierarchy and target setting which we introduced was a brand new business requirement for them.

They wanted the ability to keep on top of opportunities and track when specific tasks were being completed and who was completing them. They also wanted to be able to measure an account's performance with reportable values and an ‘at a glance’ data format.

The biggest challenge was the account hierarchy performance, in which roll-up summary fields were too restrictive and didn’t allow to exclude records in the way they wanted. This meant we had to come up with a series of processes and flows to capture the right data at the right time.

To set tasks, we created a process that uses the Opportunity Team object to create and assign 23 tasks to the correct people. Then, another process which automatically creates a Salesforce Chatter subscription to the opportunity for each team member, based on their role.

The account forecasting was achieved with a series of roll-up summary fields on account level; a new account record type to display different fields when an account was made a parent. This was because roll-up summaries would no longer be an option to track child accounts figures combined with its own opportunity figures. On top of this, they achieved a visual flow to search through accounts and grab their forecasted and actual values when they’re part of the corresponding account hierarchy.

We then displayed a button on the account layouts for parents only, which would trigger the flow without having to retrigger the entire process -- the same process that negotiates an accounts record type when placed into a hierarchy. This button allows users to manually refresh the figures in case there have been changes to opportunity values within the hierarchy in case it hasn’t triggered the flow automatically.


The result?


This helped to reduce the time it takes to set up a standard opportunity, and it also reduced the risk of key milestones being overlooked.

The account forecasting allowed easy-to-read metrics, which assisted with both forecasting and budget planning.


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