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How does Google work? [Infographic]

Posted by Emily Malone on 03-Feb-2017 12:00:00

 Google's constantly switching up its rules to improve its algorithm and produce better search results for everyone, so you need to keep your ear to the virtual ground to avoid your website's SEO getting penalised in 2017, for something that was deemed totally acceptable in 2016. 

But to help you really understand Google’s algorithm and to show you how some of its nifty features work, Neil Patel from QuickSprout created this dead cool animated infographic to explain the whole thing. We can only apologise for the creepy crawlies. 

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Topics: websites, SEO, Google

Upcycling: Old blog posts never die, but can they be too old?

Posted by David Coe on 02-Feb-2017 11:00:00

After visiting HubSpot's Inbound 2016 conference I've had internal discussions (with colleagues — not just in my head!) about 'repurposing' or 'upcycling' older content to maximise your bangs-per-buck...

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Topics: websites, blogs, digital marketing, trends to watch for, buyer personas, SEO, CRM

7 deadly signs your website needs a facelift [website redesign]

Posted by Emily Malone on 20-Aug-2015 14:00:00

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, you were in an advantageous position if your company even had a website. 

Today, your business doesn't just need a website, it needs an adaptable, well-designed, easily navigational website that is engaging and targeted towards your ideal customers.

Doesn't sound like your company's site? Here's seven signs that it's due a redesign:

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Love at First (Web)Site [UX]

Posted by Emily Malone on 05-Aug-2015 11:00:00

Do you want to stop visitors from abandoning your page before they've had a chance to get to know you?

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Topics: design, websites, inbound marketing, UX

Personas and Persuasion Pathways - The Three P's...

Posted by David Coe on 19-Feb-2015 15:01:00

I randomly found a piece of You Tube video last night which I feel the need to share.

Not so much in a "we told you so..." way - but just to demonstrate permission marketing / content marketing / inbound marketing have a real heritage - which we mustn't forget...

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Topics: websites, inbound marketing, HubSpot

The Hardest Brief - Designing A Digital Agency Website

Posted by David Coe on 16-Feb-2015 19:11:31

It's been on the list of things to do since the middle of last year - and I finally got to sit down today with Ben, Colin and Katie to progress our digital agency website redesign. []

It's taken ages - and here's the thing - it's not even a complete redesign - it just some tidying up and integration with HubSpot COS [Content Optimisation System] - so why is it always so difficult to talk about ourselves...?

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Topics: design, websites, HubSpot, UX

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