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Quick Guide: How to set your SMART goals

Posted by Emily Malone on 29-Jun-2017 16:30:00

Did you know that within HubSpot you can customise and track your website's monthly progress against custom SMART goals? For example, if you need to reach a certain target in terms of website visits or lead numbers per month, your SMART goals will give you a quick, realistic idea of how close you are to reaching that goal. Pretty handy, right? Let's walk through how to set them up...

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Quick Guide: Hubspot Meetings Tool

Posted by Alex Tribbensee on 31-Mar-2017 12:00:00

Now, i'm going to make a statement here; it may seem extreme, but just trust me...

The Meetings tool in HubSpot will change your life.

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Quick Guide: How to identify HubSpot to Salesforce integration errors

Posted by Emily Malone on 20-Feb-2017 12:00:00

So you’ve got Salesforce all nicely integrated with HubSpot, but you’ve noticed some contacts are still struggling to sync. Here's how to identify what’s gone wrong to break down this wall between Sales and Marketing:

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Quick Guide: Increase email efficiency without sacrificing personalisation

Posted by Alex Tribbensee on 09-Feb-2017 12:00:00


There's a fine line between smart marketing automation and spam. Similarly there's a fine line between what a recipient sees as a marketing automated email and a 'hand-written' one.

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Quick Guide: How to use Hubspot's prospects tool

Posted by Alex Tribbensee on 07-Feb-2017 12:00:00


As a salesperson, wouldn't your job be ten times easier if you already knew who wanted to potentially buy from you? 

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Quick guide: How to optimise your HubSpot pages for SEO

Posted by Emily Malone on 31-Jan-2017 15:03:47

Creating fresh optimised content on a weekly basis is really important to achieve long-term success with Search Engine Optimisation. But SEO needn’t be daunting with HubSpot. In this quick guide, you’ll learn how to optimise your HubSpot website pages, blogs, and landing pages to give your business the best chance of being found by your target personas.

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