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Who Run This Mother...

Posted by David Coe on 28-May-2015 18:14:16

Just a gentle reminder to all you guys out there...

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We believe in (F)Empowerment

Posted by David Coe on 27-Apr-2015 08:00:00

Great trend - we love the French - we love women - girl power! (Grrrrl)

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When larger organisations fail...

Posted by David Coe on 02-Feb-2015 09:00:00

Still one of my favourite cartoons from Hugh MacLeod ever. A commissioned business card design that he did for Shit Creek Consulting...

Just sums up the nature of the internet / digital agencies / IT / consultants / web world. Yeh - sure everyone screws up once in a while - but it's amazing how consistently larger organisations manage it.

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and it's always your turn... says Seth

Posted by David Coe on 23-Jan-2015 14:06:54

"What to do when IT'S YOUR TURN" - by Seth Godin - visit the website here

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