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Why isn’t my landing page converting? 11 statistics to consider.

Posted by Emily Malone on 08-Dec-2015 12:00:00

"Why isn't my landing page converting?"

Landing pages are an essential inbound method which help you to build a solid email list. But they take a lot of testing and optimising, and you’ll be surprised to know how many companies don’t quite get it right.

Here’s 11 statistics to consider that’ll help you form better LPs and gain more leads:

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Topics: HubSpot, UX, landing page, A/B Testing

10 landing page tips from our favourite blogs

Posted by Emily Malone on 04-Sep-2015 12:00:00

Want a killer landing page? Well, we've hunted through the web to find some of the best blogs on the subject.

Here are, what we think, some of the most 

helpful landing page tips, from some lovely experts within the industry:

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Topics: HubSpot, UX, landing page, tips, blogs, digital marketing

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