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Planning an inbound content strategy worthy of Mordor

Posted by Alex Tribbensee on 25-Sep-2017 12:00:00

Before planning a content strategy, it's crucial to fully understand where each piece of content fits in the prospect's buying journey. Even if that prospect is the leader of an evil army from Middle-earth...

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13 ways to describe inbound marketing to anybody

Posted by Alex Tribbensee on 29-Aug-2017 16:15:00

We've been advocates of inbound for a while now, but it can still be a difficult concept to explain to our non-inboundy friends. That's why we're sharing some fun analogies we use, so you can use them too. You see, inbound marketing is kind of like...

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10 new tools from Hubspot's Inbound 16 product launch

Posted by Emily Malone on 16-Nov-2016 12:00:00

While away at Inbound 16 last week, we completely nerded out at a product launch delivered by Hubspot’s (HS) founding fathers Brian Halligan and Darmesh Shah (which you can also watch here!)

This year, 137 ideas that were submitted to Hubspot have now been delivered to make the user experience better. And after a ridiculously The Lord of the Rings-reminiscent keynote opening that explained ‘The Journey to Inbound’, the main themes were explained:

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Finally, get inbound sales certified with HubSpot!

Posted by Emily Malone on 07-Apr-2016 16:30:00


HubSpot has just launched the new Inbound Sales Methodology today. This is because, amazingly, seller-centric salespeople still take up an enormous part of today’s world of sales. Which is mental when you think about it; it's 2016!

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