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The architecture of a lead-generating website

Posted by Alex Tribbensee on 31-Jul-2017 16:17:00

Your prospects demand much more from your website than your contact details and a description of your services and products. Websites in 2017 need to be three things:

  • Useful content libraries (for your prospects)
  • Lead generation machines (for your business growth)
  • Human friendly (for everybody!)
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Topics: Growth-driven website design

Why Storytelling should be part of your marketing strategy

Posted by Emily Malone on 07-Mar-2017 16:00:00

Unpopular opinion: marketing is an art form.

Okay, okay, I know I sound like a total bohemian 'freedombeauty, truth and love' fruitcake here, but hear me out. Like painting or writing, it's a medium to elicit thoughts, feelings and ideas in an effort to truly speak to people. To get them to tap into their emotions and decide whether or not your product or service fits into their own story. See where I'm going with this?

The fact is, there's obviously a stark difference between being able to inspire people, and just simply trying to sell to them a product or service. But it's a difference not many businesses recognise. As Simon Sinek said in his TED Talk on 'The Golden Circle', people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

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Topics: content marketing, Growth-driven website design

The 8 most annoying web design trends

Posted by Emily Malone on 28-Feb-2017 13:58:01

Sometimes we get carried away with making our websites look cool. But choosing style over substance is a risk when it comes to user experience (UX). So at the risk of sounding a bit cynical, we’ve decided to write about the most annoying web design trends of 2017.

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Topics: UX, web design, Growth-driven website design

Traditional vs. growth-driven website design [infographic]

Posted by Emily Malone on 23-May-2016 12:00:00

 Have you ever wondered which would win in a bar fight — traditional website design or growth-driven website design? Probably not. But hey, here's an infographic explaining why the latter is probably the one to bet on when it comes to your business' website.

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GDD: the ultimate web design process for growth-driven businesses

Posted by Emily Malone on 19-May-2016 16:20:22


Estimated reading time: 12 minutes, 37 seconds. 

For a while now the website design process has felt flawed. So many companies have outdated websites due to the time-consuming, stressful nature of a complete redesign. 

How do you launch a website in a fraction of the time of a traditional website design? How do you make sure you won’t go over budget? How can you be certain that it’ll help your business grow?

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The first HubSpot Growth-Driven Design Certified Agency in the UK

Posted by Emily Malone on 26-Apr-2016 16:30:00

Traditional web design is flawed; it causes unecessary headaches, produces rubbish results, and restricts businesses from growing. That's why there's now a better way to not only build your ideal website, but make sure you get ongoing relevant feedback and results so it never goes stale for your customers.

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Topics: Growth-driven website design

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