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How to use email templates for your prospects (the right way)

Posted by Alex Tribbensee on 17-Jul-2017 12:00:00

If you consider email to be an outdated and redundant sales resource — you're wrong. But treating email like a big automated spray gun and churning out message after message to a giant contact list will only harm your sales funnel. Instead, spend the time to build a collection of email templates which can be used at different stages throughout the sales process. 

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What's the difference between HubSpot's static lists and smart lists?

Posted by Emily Malone on 20-Apr-2017 10:00:00

Why are lists important in inbound marketing?

Great-quality lists are a pivotal component of a successful email marketing campaign. If your lists aren't up-to-scratch, your various streams of marketing efforts might lose momentum.

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N.L.P. - "Neuro Linguistic Personas"

Posted by David Coe on 23-Mar-2017 12:10:00

We love personas. They're the bedrock of a successful content marketing strategy, digital strategy or website. If as marketers we aren't getting the results we're hoping for, then most of the time it's because we need to go back and review our buyer personas!

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Tips for writing an effective, personalised marketing email

Posted by Emily Malone on 16-Mar-2017 15:18:08

Think about it, which email do you most look forward to recieving? And which do you open first? Is it the marketing email from the huge, corporate business, or is it the one from your best friend, Doug?

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How you'll have to optimise your email marketing for iOS 9 and the iPhone 6s

Posted by Emily Malone on 07-Oct-2015 12:00:00


BAD NEWS: The new 3D touch feature for the iPhone 6s means your emails could get significantly lower open rates. 

GOOD NEWS: We know what to do.

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13 Email Marketing Stats That Prove ‘It’s Aliiiive!’

Posted by Emily Malone on 02-Sep-2015 14:00:00


'With Inbound Marketing on the rise, don’t emails feel a bit spammy and outdated?'

There's been quite a few blogs out there that claim email marketing isn't relevant anymore, but as it turns out, loads of businesses are still getting quality sales opportunities and leads through email marketing. In fact, it’s more alive than ever; you just have to make sure you're doing it right.

Here are some great facts I thought you'd like to know about the vitality of email marketing:

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