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Why your business needs conversational messaging and how to do it well

Posted by Emily Malone on 02-May-2017 12:00:00


During my days of academia, it was drilled into me to write formally. Heaven forbid I start a sentence with 'And', or slip in a contraction! And, well, I'd be absolutely slaughtered for that exclamation mark. Formal writing makes you appear more educated, yes. And you're less likely to offend because you're always neutral and passive. But my God, at what cost?!

Snorefest: over. Finally, conversational messaging is seeping into the business world. With brands like Innocent Drinks winning hearts with their informal, friendly tone of voice, many others have followed suit. It's clear that people want to see the human side of their favourite brands. Because if a brand is relatable, they're more likely to make a lasting impression.

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N.L.P. - "Neuro Linguistic Personas"

Posted by David Coe on 23-Mar-2017 12:10:00

We love personas. They're the bedrock of a successful content marketing strategy, digital strategy or website. If as marketers we aren't getting the results we're hoping for, then most of the time it's because we need to go back and review our buyer personas!

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