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HubSpot vs. WordPress

Posted by Emily Malone on 01-Oct-2015 08:30:00


So you want to build or spruce up your website, but you don't know which software to use? In one corner, we've got WordPress, and the other, HubSpot. Round one...

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Topics: HubSpot, CMS, WordPress, COS

Not quite ready to purchase marketing software yet? Introducing LeadIn

Posted by Emily Malone on 10-Sep-2015 12:00:00


Are you a blogger or small business?

Perhaps you're not quite ready for the commitment of buying marketing software yet, but you do fancy dipping your toe in the water to see how it can work for you.

Introducing LeadIn for HubSpot:

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Topics: inbound marketing, HubSpot, LeadIn, CMS

Can paid advertising and inbound marketing become BFFs?

Posted by Emily Malone on 09-Sep-2015 21:30:00


Wait... aren't ads bad? Aren't they the opposite of inbound marketing?

We've all thought that for a long time, and yes, there's a lot of hideous ads out there  disruptive ads that aren't really thinking about the consumer. 

However, HubSpot recently discovered that 53% of their users have tried ads this year. That's more than half of their customers  marketers, salespeople and agencies that are known for practising customer-focused Inbound strategies.

So, what gives?

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Topics: inbound marketing, HubSpot, CMS, Ads Add On

7 deadly signs your website needs a facelift [website redesign]

Posted by Emily Malone on 20-Aug-2015 14:00:00

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, you were in an advantageous position if your company even had a website. 

Today, your business doesn't just need a website, it needs an adaptable, well-designed, easily navigational website that is engaging and targeted towards your ideal customers.

Doesn't sound like your company's site? Here's seven signs that it's due a redesign:

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Topics: design, websites, inbound marketing, HubSpot, b2b, marketing, responsive design, redesign, CMS, Mobile devices, Optimisation

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