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The Top 10 Marketing Trends That’ll Define 2016

Posted by Emily Malone on 14-Dec-2015 12:00:00

It's coming to the end of a fantastic year in the business realm, and now we're looking into our crystal bauble to see which marketing trends will drive more conversions and conversations in 2016. 

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How to be Remarkable in 2016: Interactive Offers

Posted by Emily Malone on 03-Dec-2015 12:00:00

What's remarkable content?

As inbound marketers, we're always being told to create 'remarkable content'. This usually comes without much context, so it seems like a vague, nondescript attempt at an inspirational tip. How do we be remarkable? What does it actually mean? To elaborate, Arjun Moorthy of HubSpot says:

In 2016, perhaps a better definition of "remarkable content" is something you offer for free which others normally charge money for…  [source]

So, in 2015, being 'remarkable' was creating and offering free ebooks or whitepapers that contain useful and insightful knowledge for your prospects. But as the year comes to its end, unfortunately for us, that strategy has now been almost entirely rinsed of its value. 

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Topics: content marketing, the new year, 2016

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