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Happy International Women's Day! And welcome to our shiny new website.

Along with celebrating IWD with our amazing #GirlBosses in the team, we're also incredibly excited to reveal that we've launched our brand new website today. And we've done so on HubSpot, no less! We figured if we were going to talk the talk, we'd better walk the walk.

That's why when we began planning the change, we wanted a new website that was not only bold, bright and beautiful, but emphasised clarity, communication and impressed our buyer personas from a user experience perspective. Primarily, our new site focuses on providing the best online experience for our users (...you!)

Our designer, copywriter, and marketers have worked closely together for almost two months, creating strategies with the purpose to deliver our values through the new launch.

Using our own growth driven website design strategy we use for our lovely clients, we're aiming for constant growth and improvements for our website, as well as our services in delivering smart digital results. We want to own a website that's full of helpful content that never ever gets old, static, or stale.

We’ll be looking at data to see how the site does each week, analysing what can be improved (such as CTAs, landing pages, copy, and designs), and changing accordingly; then we'll rinse, and repeat! The idea is to have a website that is constantly cared for, so it grows with the business.

Here's just a few aspects we've improved on:

HubSpot CMS
Using the HubSpot CMS has allowed us to have absolutely everything integrated into one easily accessible, intuitive platform. It also lets us edit content and create smart forms, email automation, and workflows whenever we want. This helps us to personalise content and get to know our visitors wants and needs quicker, which in turn helps us create a better experience for them. 

We've focused on a simple layout by emphasising cleanliness and readability, with new UX and UI improvements made via HubSpot. Our website is now more easily accessible, interactive and personalised -- just straight up human-to-human digital marketing. 

We believe the choice of font does say a lot about our brand representation. Geomanist is officially our new font which works perfectly with our company logo, creating a modern, clean and balanced look.

Colour Palette
By getting rid of the blue monochromatic theme, we are going for the new strong and playful look. We feel that using highly constrasting colours truly represent the diversity of our services as specialists of digital, design and technology.

Last but not least, it's worth mentioning the use of the hand rendered icons our designer Col sketched up convey every little idea of ours. These show how it all starts off with sticky notes, sketches, wireframes, and David's handwritten scribbles on the backs of envelopes.


So without further ado, we'd love for you to have a look at our new site. We trust in what you have to say, so tell us about your experience! 

Check out the new site by clicking here, and let us know what you think.



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