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Vicky Li

Vicky Li

Vicky is a marketing intern at oe:gen who passed her HubSpot inbound certification within the first week she arrived!
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Thank you and goodbye for now, oe:gen!

Posted by Vicky Li on 21-Mar-2016 12:00:00


Today marks my last day at oe:gen as a marketing intern. It has been one hell of a ride! I want to thank the whole team -- especially David aka. Digital Grandad, Emily and Paul, for providing me such a precious opportunity to learn and grow, through sharing their experiences and expertise in Smarketing, digital strategygrowth-driven website design and more. But most importantly, through striving to create all-round people-pleasing digital experiences for their clients.

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Topics: Team, Our culture

oe:gen is now a HubSpot Certified COS Design Partner in the UK!

Posted by Vicky Li on 17-Mar-2016 16:41:16

We have some more exciting news for you - just earlier this week we were listed as one of the four HubSpot certified COS Design Partners in the UK!

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Topics: HubSpot, web design

A brand new experience: We've just launched our growth-driven website!

Posted by Vicky Li on 08-Mar-2016 16:00:00

Happy International Women's Day! And welcome to our shiny new website.

Along with celebrating IWD with our amazing #GirlBosses in the team, we're also incredibly excited to reveal that we've launched our brand new website today. And we've done so on HubSpot, no less! We figured if we were going to talk the talk, we'd better walk the walk.

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Topics: Growth-driven website design

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